Monday, November 21, 2022

(A very early) Christmas, new cousins, and cousin birthdays.

What a fun weekend in Des Moines! My whole family was able to get together, which is always a treat. We celebrated Christmas! Super early, I know, but my SIL recently had a baby, and my sister is due in December, so we did our family Christmas in between the babies. A pretty great reason to have to rearrange Christmas plans- love new nieces/nephews!

Christmas supper!

Whole family shots, my favorite! You can see Rose (far left), holding our newest niece/cousin! Margo Masaki Schut was born 10/18, so she shares a birthday with Kley! She was born at 6:38am, 19.5" and 6 lbs 15 oz. She's beautiful! Unfortunately, Lucy was coming off a bout of sickness, and all the girls were coughing, so we didn't get to hold her this trip, but we definitely admired her from across the room! We love you Margo!

Sweet cousins and matching Christmas pajamas! :)

We also got to have the cutest puppy party for my niece Averie, turning two! So cute, we love you Averie!

Many joys this weekend and much to be thankful for!


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