Monday, March 8, 2021

Lucy and Ellory's 4th birthday- Schut celebration.

We got to go to Des Moines to my parent's house to celebrate Lucy and Ellory's 4th birthday! Everyone except Rose (my SIL) was there because she was visiting her sister in TX, but so wonderful to have almost everyone together! We hadn't all been together since Christmas. We got to see our newest niece, Averie, again too, which was so fun. Babies change so fast- what a cutie! It's so fun to watch the girls with Jorie and Murphy too, as they are getting older and able to interact more with them.

My mom makes special cakes for the grandkids birthdays, so fun! 

Love family pictures! So fun to compare over the years and see the family grow- the biggest blessing!

Six cousins! :)

It was 54 degrees there on Saturday- felt incredible! The girls really love playing outside and it's amazing!

Averie is so cute! I had a cold, so I couldn't hold her this time unfortunately, but admired from afar. Next time I will be scooping her up for sure!

Usually, my family comes to our house for their birthday, but due to COVID reasons it was easier for everyone to meet in Des Moines instead, which was okay because I'm just happy we could get together! Lucy and Ellory, celebrating you is a joy! Happy 4th birthday!


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