Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Ice skating.

We had a family ice skating date and it was so fun! Norah had gone once before on a daddy daughter date with Kley, but it was Lucy and Ellory's first time! Thank goodness for those kid walker things- a genius idea! Norah could go without it, but sometimes used it just for fun. She went around several times solo, we were impressed with how good she was for only her second time. Everyone loved it! It was harder than I thought actually to maintain your own balance while trying to help a child skate too. It was neat to do something different and everyone said they'd like to do it again! (You can see how fogged up Ellory's glasses were- mask problems. She's a good sport! All of the girls do really well with wearing masks. Hopefully sometime this year we won't have to anymore!) 

Love special family dates! Happy winter!


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