Monday, January 14, 2019

Quick mommy/daughter Minneapolis trip.

Norah and I took a quick one night trip to Minneapolis last weekend, and we had a lot of fun! We met Karlie and Zack (my sister and BIL), at MOA and ate together, visited the American Girl store, and rode a few rides. Norah had the greatest time. I've said this before but will never tire of it- watching your kids have fun is the greatest. 

Norah had so much fun playing with all the baby stuff in the AG store, we had to remind her several times that rides were waiting and we had to get moving to have time for it all. Norah really loves any and all things doll!

Very tentatively saying hello to Sponge Bob. I was surprised she willingly went up at all!

We didn't get any roller coaster pictures because I didn't want to take my camera up near the ride, but Norah loved it and was laughing the whole time! It was, by far, the biggest/fastest roller coaster she'd been on yet. That's my girl! (I love rides, but Kley does not.)

We rode the ferris wheel and the carousel, and she jumped in a giant bounce house too. So fun!

Our main reason for the last minute trip was to go visit/help my college roommate, Jackie, who had been very sick in the hospital. She was at home and doing a lot better than she was, but we brought them some food and helped clean their house. They had moved and had another baby since we last saw them, so it was fun to catch up! I'm really glad we got to go. Kley did a great job holding down the fort at home with Lucy and Ellory (and my MIL helped too, which was so nice!), but I was grateful for the stage we are in where I could pack up and go rather last minute. The girls are a lot of work, yes, but I'm not nursing or anything like that and they are getting older, so it was nice to feel more "free" to go and serve! Not that serving your family isn't valuable, because it definitely is and is your most important service, but there's something about the newborn/younger season that makes it tougher to do some service opportunities outside the house.

Norah had fun playing with their older kids, Daniel (who is 11 days older than Norah), and Noelle (who is only a couple weeks younger than Lucy and Ellory). Fun that they can get together a couple times a year too!

Joe and Jackie's newest cutie, Thomas!

On the way home, we stopped at DQ for supper, and Norah leaned back in the booth and said, "This was the best mommy daughter day ever. A+ A+." Such a sweet moment that I want to remember forever. I love spending time with you, my girl. Love my family!


  1. What a fun trip!! 💗 so glad you are willing to serve others and glad you can show Norah how to as well!!


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