Monday, February 20, 2017

These twins are loved!

Some of my friends here threw a diaper shower for the twins, and it was the sweetest! It was a huge blessing to be surrounded by people who love not only me, but my family as well. They each brought a box of diapers, which will be amazingly helpful, but the best part was that they each prayed over these babies. 

It was a special night, as I was reminded of and so thankful for God's faithfulness. I remember moving here, feeling lonely and praying quite often to God for good friendships, and it was so sweet to see the fulfillment of that prayer all sitting around the room with me. The saying, "it takes a village" to raise children is true, and I am so glad to have such a great one! So many people have offered help in numerous ways already as our family grows. 

Twins, you are already so deeply loved, by your Heavenly Father, and by many family and friends too. Can't wait to meet you!

So grateful for good friends!

So glad that my mom was able to be there as well!

Norah loved the balloons afterwards!


  1. It was a blessing for all! Loved being able to go!! You are a loved family!! 😉


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