Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Quiet days.

I don't feel like I have a lot to blog about right now, since we were supposed to go to Des Moines last week to see my family, and because Kley had tax school there (like work training hours), but my mom was very sick so we didn't get to go. Kley still went, but that left Norah and I home alone for three days. I was pretty bummed! I had grand plans of people to see and fun Christmas things to do, but we tried to make the best of it here. Thankfully Kley got back on Friday, so we still had the whole weekend together, which was nice.

I tried to do some fun things with Norah while Kley was away, like make hot chocolate, play with play-doh, watercolor paint in the tub, Christmas stamps and ink pads, and basically play with loads of toys and books. We also had her usual events like Kindermusik class and Babygarten singing time at the library, and we went indoor swimming Friday morning, so I'd say we crammed a lot of fun in those days! We had a pretty quiet weekend, as we had no plans since we thought we would be gone, but it was nice to relax together. We went out and looked at several different Christmas light displays and got some ice cream too. Norah had a fever on Friday night (thankfully it was short lived), so she also chose to watch Curious George Christmas on Netflix, which she enjoyed as a treat as well!

Here are some of favorite phone pictures from recently.

Norah is prepping for twins quite nicely- holding two babies!

Norah was "helping" me fold laundry, and she was so proud of this. It was hilarious. She put on my tank and Kley's underwear, and she thought it was so funny she had to wait until Kley got home from work to show him.

(The alignment is getting off because these are phone pictures and not from my camera. I don't know how to fix it, so oops.) The above picture is Norah's favorite house to walk by on our street. They have quite the impressive display! Norah's absolute favorite is this reindeer mowing the lawn. She talks about it often.

Kley got the cutest pictures of Norah and one of her best friends, Savannah, at church!

Norah moved into her big girl bed recently, and we are so proud of her! She was very excited for it and has done amazingly well! This was a trip to the bakery for a donut to celebrate successful nights in her bed. She was excited, and no surprise that she chose chocolate with sprinkles!

Play-doh! We had cookie cutters out, but Norah just liked to cut it up into tiny pieces with her plastic knife. Ha.

Helping Daddy shovel the snow with her new little shovel!


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