Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas in Des Moines.

Here's some more pictures of our Christmas weekend in Des Moines! 

Saturday morning we went to the winter farmer's market downtown, and Norah got this amazing Santa balloon. I love her expression!

It was almost as big as her!

Norah usually isn't super bold, but it was funny to watch her walk through the skywalks. She walked with her hands on her hips, twirled around and danced, and sang songs. It was pretty adorable. This was in the middle of Wheels on the Bus.

Norah and Daddy! This is the face she pulls when you try to get her to smile. Thanks for the effort, Norah.

Love my family! Standing by the biggest Christmas tree.

There was a violinist playing and Norah was entranced. She really loved it and sat so still listening until she was finished.

Selfie with Uncle Keaton! (Almost every trip they try to take my camera when I'm not looking and fill it up with at least 10 crazy pictures.)

Opening presents.

A new train table!

And another Bitty Baby! She had gotten one for her first birthday from my parents, but they got her another one so she could have her own twins. She loves it!

Merry Christmas! (We missed you Zack and Karlie!)

Norah is so loved, on both sides of our families. So thankful for involved and loving grandparents and aunts/uncles! (Norah is currently the only grandchild/cousin on both sides, but not for long until these twins come!)


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