Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy birthday, Mom!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday- happy birthday mom! I am very blessed by my mom. She is definitely one of God's biggest blessings to me. She is always there for me and is so encouraging. My mom is a great example of doing what God has called her to do, and doing it well. She is a great servant for Christ, and is a wonderful wife and mother. I hope to be like her in so many ways when I become a mom. (I hope to be like her now, too!)

Proverbs 31:29- Many women to noble things, but you surpass them all.

To sum it up- Mom, you're the best! I love you!

I know these pictures are a repeat from my Mother's Day post awhile back, but I don't have many old pictures on my computer. I think they are great enough to repost. :)

We went out for dinner last night for her birthday, but unfortunately I was not feeling well at all. Thankfully today is my day off from work, or I would have called in sick. Sorry to be a party pooper!


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