Sunday, December 29, 2013

Birthday and Christmas 2013.

First off, I must admit that I did a really bad job of capturing photos in December. I did really well the rest of the year, but December fell apart. During my birthday week, I was really sick and didn't even think about taking pictures. While we were gone over Christmas, I forgot my charger, so I could only take limited pictures. Whoops.

For my birthday, we didn't do much this year, which was okay. Hopefully Kley and I can do something fun in January to celebrate more. My birthday was on a Friday this year, which was nice! My kids were so great at school, and I got lots of presents! It was really fun. For dinner, my whole family went out to Cosi Cucina. It was a good, low key night.

Saturday, before we left, we were able to see my good friend Stephanie who was home from DC!

Sunday, we left for OC for the big Ver Steeg Christmas gathering.

Here are the women's gift tables. Kley's family goes all out for this! There were three different tables- bath, beauty, and home- and we did different trivia games and we each got a gift from all three tables. 

Women opening gifts!

Elizabeth (Kley's sister), and cousins Ali and Ella.

Driving through the Maurice lights on the way home. We always did that when I was younger, so it was nice to do it again with Kley! (We didn't end up making it to Jolly Holiday Lights this year, so this will have to suffice.)

On Monday we left OC and headed to Rapid City, SD. My grandparents and aunt's family on my mom's side live there, so we had Christmas in SD this year! My grandparents moved to a condo this year, so it was different not to be at their house. The first two nights we stayed at a nunnery. Yes, you read that correctly. We stayed at the monastery, because it's super close to their new condo and cheaper than a hotel. The last two nights we stayed all at a bed and breakfast together.

Opening presents at the Skea's house (my aunt and uncle).

The gang.

My cousin, Rachel, and her daughter, Taylor. It was our first time meeting Taylor!

Hanging out at the Black Forest Inn (bed and breakfast).

Merry Christmas from the De Jong's!

Christmas dinner tables.

#1- Great Grandma (she's 105!), cousin Alexandra, brother Keaton, grandpa, grandma, and cousin Alecia.

#2- Cousin Riley, cousin Carter, sister Kayla, cousin Rachel, her daughter Taylor, Aunt Julie, Uncle Neil, cousin Victoria, and cousin Ethan.

#3- Aunt Kris, Uncle Jim (you unfortunately can't see him), Uncle Jeff, sister Karlie, husband Kley, me, and my dad (my mom took the picture). 

Friday we headed back to OC for family Christmas with the De Jong's and Christmas with his grandparents. We headed home last night and are doing family Christmas with my family tonight! (And see my good friend Lauren this afternoon, who is home from Denver!)

Merry Christmas! Hope you had a great one!


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