Friday, September 27, 2013


On Tuesday, Kley and I went to the showing of Unstoppable. It's the new movie Kirk Cameron made. Heard of him? He was on the show Growing Pains when he was younger, and now travels around speaking about Christ and is involved in making Christian movies. (He was in Fireproof- a very good movie.) He also runs Camp Firefly, where terminally ill children and their families can have an expenses paid retreat. Another fun fact- his sister, Candace Cameron, was DJ on Full House!

Anyways, Unstoppable deals with the question, "Where is God in the midst of tragedy and suffering?" This is a huge question- this question causes many people to be atheists. It's a very hard concept to understand, but the movie was done incredibly well and he did a good job answering it, I think.

The beginning of the movie deals with the early Biblical accounts- Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah's ark. It was so neat to see him weave Biblical stories into this, because there was a lot of pain and suffering throughout the whole Bible.

The second half talked about his friend that died of cancer. He ended the movie with talking about Jesus on the cross. Where is God in our suffering? He's right there. We may never know why something happened on this earth, but He does. His plan is perfect. He is still loving and always was and always will be, even if it may not seem like it in the midst of your pain.

Why? Because God watched His own Son die the worst death on the cross and suffer the worst pain, all for us.

Our earthly pain is all worth it and endurable in light of eternity.

(They added another showing- October 3. You should all buy tickets and go see it. Here is the link to learn more about it.)


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