Sunday, May 5, 2013


So, somehow the connection that used to upload my instagram pictures to be blog is still yet broken, so I can't put any pictures into my posts. I need to have Kley fix it. :) It's been broken for awhile, and I just haven't had the time (or chosen to take the time) to fix it.

This weekend was good! Friday night we hung out with my parents and sister- we went to Panera for supper and went and saw The Croods. It was so good- about cave people who lose their cave and end up "finding the world" and being close as a family again. Kids movies are pretty much my favorite now. So cute, uplifting, and much more wholesome than most other movies. (Speaking of, remember in this post when I said we were going to watch Flight? Well, it stunk. Denzel let me down. It was so sad- about this pilot whose plane was going down and he did this miraculous landing that saved most on board, yet the issue was he was drunk and high while he did it. I have no idea how someone drunk and high could function like that, but I guess he did. The rest of the movie was about his addictions. It's so sad how wrapped up people get and basically lose their whole life. There was tiny redemption in the end when he turned himself in and told the truth, but overall it was so so sad.)

Saturday was low key. Kley has finals for the next two weeks, so he is studying hard. I went to Target (which I love), and at night we went to church and the dedication for the new community center they built. It's pretty cool- a new building all about reaching the community and letting others use it.

Kley played at church this morning, while I pretty much read my book and watched TV at my parent's house while I did laundry. I went to church, but no one came to life group since they all came last night, so I just left because I had already heard the sermon. It was nice to have some extra reading time! This afternoon we took a nap, and now we are headed to small group.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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