Monday, May 13, 2013

Pumpcast news and a day off!

Today is the first day of our new work schedule (talked about here). We are switching to a four 10 hour day schedule- so my day off is Monday, which means Tuesday-Friday I will work 7-5. Change is always weird, so I am a little bit nervous about it, but I know that after the first week it will be great. Everyone keeps saying how much I love it, and so far being home on a Monday has been fabulous! I slept in a bit, got a little work done for school (I know, I shouldn't do that on my day off), and cleaned our apartment so well I'm pretty sure it's never sparkled like it is now. :) I'm about to go for a run, make my wonderful hubby some lunch before his final (one more week and he's done with year two!), and then get pedicures with my mom and sisters!

A pretty great day, if I do say so. (I also already prepped dinner for tonight, so I only have to stick it in the oven. Go me!)

Yesterday we discovered these videos. You should definitely watch. They are "pumpcast news" videos where this guy talks to people while they are filling up with gas. Most of the other ones are inappropriate or not that funny, but this one is definitely worth watching. In part 2, they are featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Pumpcast news part 1

Pumpcast news part 2

Enjoy! Happy Monday!


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