Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Eating at Splash and visiting the mall in December.

This weekend Kley's parents were here- it was great to see them! Their motto is to always try new restaurants- "to get something you can't get in Orange City because all we have is Taco John's." This is a fun motto, because we get to try new places too! Friday night we went to Splash in downtown Des Moines.

(I admit, that I have lived here my whole life and I have never heard of Splash. Until Friday, that is. Shameful.) It is a really unique restaurant, specializing in seafood. It was really dark, with a few fish tanks, and some really interesting fish-scaly artwork on the walls.

I laughed in shock when I saw this. Who would ever order caviar for $276? Wow wow wow.

My dinner. It was called "Surf and Turf Fettuccine." It was supposed to be a mix for the "non-seafood lovers" that had shrimp and beef tips in it. Honestly, it was just okay.

My dessert- chocolate cake (or something like that)!

Kley and I (notice the artwork).

All in all, I will definitely live without ever visiting Splash again, but it was fun to try something new. If you are a big seafood fan, you might have a totally different opinion- I'm just not a huge fan.

Saturday we hit up the mall because Jana had some errands to run and to do some Christmas shopping. Going to the mall on a Saturday in December is CRAZY. So busy and so many people. (I actually had my Christmas shopping done before December this year, and many people think I am crazy for that. Well, there's my reason. Stores are way too busy in December. And I just like to get things done. :)

I did, though, get some new boots, which I love! (I exchanged a pair from our Omaha shopping trip awhile back- blogged about here.) My original pair was uncomfortable, and my new pair is from Born (super comfortable brand), and I love them!


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