Saturday, December 22, 2012

Birthday Week!

The 16th was my Mom's birthday, and the 20th was mine! Last night my whole family went out to celebrate both. It started with my mom, sisters, and I going out to get pedicures. Awesome! All in all, it was a funny experience, because the workers weren't very concentrated on us- they were rushed, there were way too many people, and then the lady messed up the flower so a different lady redid it...long story, but I am grateful we got to go! It was fun to spend time just girls and get pampered, as that doesn't happen often.

Then we headed to PF Chang's for dinner. I had never been before. It was good, but not an automatic favorite. I was proud that I was the only one who ate with my chopsticks the entire meal. (I studied abroad in China for a month in January of 2009, and I got pretty good at using chopsticks!) 

Here's Kley and I- he was so pumped to have just finished his last law final!

Some of the dinner- Broccoli & Beef.

The whole gang.

After dinner we went to Coldstone for dessert- yummy! Here we are in front of the mall tree.

Then we headed home for mom to open her presents. (I opened mine on Thursday. I got some new clothes, DVD's, and some awesome sing-along books on CD for my classroom. I know, asking for children's items for my own birthday is weird, but I was excited.)

Happy birthday! :)


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