Sunday, November 5, 2023

Norah's 9th birthday- friends swimming party.

Norah is nine! It's fun to talk about her arrival into the world during her birthday week each year- it just seems to come up in conversation! I am so thankful to be her mom and to be able to be with her everyday. Watching her grow up is one of my greatest joys! Celebrating Norah is a gift!

Norah chose an ocean animal theme this year, and wanted to have a few friends and their families at the the pool for pizza, ice cream cake, and swimming. We had fun!

Praying for Norah's friendships more and more as she grows!

Happy birthday sweet girl! (If you look closely, you can see the melting ice cream cake. We had ice cream cakes for Lucy and Ellory's birthday, and took them out of the freezer right before serving and they were rock hard and so tough to cut. Apparently this time we swung too far to the other side and it started to melt a bit, but it was easy to cut and tasted yummy!)

Making a birthday board each year (a poster filled with favorite pictures of the last year) is one of my favorite things and a special time to reflect over the wonderful moments from her last year!

We love you very much Norah!


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