Friday, October 20, 2023

Morning on the Green/Rend Collective 2023.

It was our local college's homecoming weekend and we had so much fun! Morning on the Green is an annual highlight- basically like a kids carnival with games/prizes/bounce houses where dorms and departments put on a booth. It's a super fun morning and thankful we had beautiful weather for it this year!

Ellory really wanted to get her face painted and loved her snowflake!

Water balloon slingshot- a favorite!

Plinko- Kley's favorite because it's put on by his favorite dorm. No, we did not go there, but his high school friends did and he hung out there when on home for break. It is super fun because there were many guys at their booth, more than other booths, and they were all very enthusiastic. This dorm is over 100 years old and this is the last year for it and then they are tearing it down!

Ellory got very lucky and everyone went nuts- she got two 10s in a row! What are the chances? Everyone was yelling and it was quite funny. Go Ellory!

Football throw- another favorite. Lucy said when we got there, "All I want to do is throw the football!"

Norah's favorite- limbo! She's really good at it too!

Balloon pop and toilet toss.

My parents were there too and that made it even better!

Rend Collective also came to our town for homecoming weekend. So fun to have a live concert in our little town! It was the girls first concert. I ended up taking them home halfway through, both because it was loud and because it was very late and they were tired, but they did a great job!


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