Friday, October 7, 2022

Homecoming football game, corn maze, ear piercing, and Ellory lost her first tooth!

We recently had homecoming, which brought many fun activities. The girls got to dress up for different days at school (silly sock day, favorite team day, hat day, patriotic day, and school spirit day) and they enjoyed doing that. There was a homecoming parade that was a highlight and they got to see the band and catch candy. On Friday night, we went to the homecoming football game. Fun to experience homecoming week with all three girls in school!

One evening we had a family date at the pumpkin patch and did the corn maze. This was the girls first time. They had a kid, regular, and advanced one, and we did the regular. It was a neat experience! It was fun- lots of walking and the girls were getting pooped by the end, but yay for fall activities!

Norah and Ellory have pierced ears! Norah had been talking about it for awhile (some of her friends have pierced ears), and we said months ago that we could talk about it as a possible 8th birthday present. Her birthday is coming up, and she had recently said she didn't really want to do it anymore, just getting scared. I brought it up to her after early out on one Friday before family arrived to celebrate her birthday early, and she wanted to do it! I wouldn't have forced her to do it, but wondered if the element of surprising family would give her a bravery boost and it did. Ellory immediately said she wanted to do it too! We weren't planning on Ellory or Lucy doing it, but Ellory really wanted to and she was so excited about it. Lucy didn't want to, which is great too. They only had one person at the time, so it had to be one ear at a time. Ellory did great for the first ear, pulled away and cried for the second, but thankfully she got it in in the right place. Norah sat like a statue and squeezed my hand. They both were so thrilled and kept saying they couldn't believe they had pierced ears!

Ellory lost her first tooth! It had been loose for weeks, but I noticed when brushing her teeth one morning that it was very loose and hanging crooked. Ellory was scared to pull it out and really didn't want to do it, but we tried to reassure her that it doesn't hurt long, it was loose and ready, and that's how God designed our bodies for our baby teeth to come out. Once it was out she was relieved and happy! Our beautiful girl is growing up!


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