Friday, February 19, 2021

Florida trip 2021.

Kley and I got to sneak away to Florida for a few days! What a gift. I'm so thankful we were able to go. We were originally going to go to Cancun, we had it booked and everything, but then we realized my passport was expired and there wasn't a viable way to get it renewed in time. We were going to go later, but then a new COVID rule came out that you had to test negative before boarding a plane back to the US, so we decided that was too risky. So, we ended up booking this trip only a week and a half before we left, which is quick for my planner self, but it worked out very well! Norah stayed with my parents and Lucy and Ellory stayed with Kley's parents. We had no snow on travel days, everyone was healthy, and everyone had a good time. A big blessing!

We stayed at The Don CeSar hotel, which was very nice! One of the reasons we booked so quickly was because prices were going way up because lots of people were cancelling abroad trips and trying to stay in the US instead, so I'm very thankful we were able to get in quickly at more of an affordable price for our budget. It was a very nice hotel- we enjoyed our stay and would recommend it!

We stayed five nights, so we had two travel days, and four full vacation days. It felt so luxurious! We don't take for granted what a blessing this was and are thankful we could have some quality time together. It had been years since Kley and I had gone on a trip together, so it felt amazing! So thankful for my husband!

The first two days we were there it got up to 70 and it was sunny, which was amazing! The first day we basically just sat by the ocean and relaxed, and then we ate at the fanciest restaurant that the hotel had, which was quite the experience! Kley had duck and I had lobster. They gave us some sort of crab brûlée to "cleanse our palette" before we ate. Definitely not how we usually eat, but so good and a fun experience!

The second day we ventured out and went on a dolphin watching cruise. We didn't see many dolphins, but so nice to see the sun and be on the water! We got some taffy to bring back to the girls. We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp, found a t-shirt store to get a shirt for us all, and found the most delicious custard stand. 

These pictures are from the first two days, the sun and water were so nice! The last two days were colder (like 40s) and super windy, which changed some of our plans, but oh well. So nice to still be able to get away and have a break from parenting for a bit. I absolutely love being a mom, but having a few days with just Kley was so nice too! We were able to get a couples massage (oh my word, so relaxing!) and do an escape room, so we still found some fun too even when it was colder. All of our meals were super great too, so that was amazing to eat good food and not have to cook or clean up for a few days!

Very thankful for this trip! Nice to get away and nice to come home- we have a good life!


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