Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter eggs and birthdays.

We had a fun weekend with Uncle Brett and Aunt Elizabeth visiting! It was Elizabeth's birthday, so we got to celebrate her. Norah really took a liking to Uncle Brett this trip and made him play with many toys. I think he changed her baby doll too many times to count- prepping them for if/when they ever have girls! Thanks for being good sports and playing with our daughters!

I was pumped to introduce Norah to one of my favorite childhood Easter traditions- egg dying! Unfortunately, she wasn't too into it. Oh well. She dyed a couple, and then I ended up dying a few dozen myself. Ha. But I'm glad we tried it!

Kley and Elizabeth said they never did it growing up, so they got to experience it too.

The best grandparents! I really love this picture and think it will be a forever favorite.

I also really love this picture! Love our girls and their daddy. Kley, you really are a terrific dad and I'm so glad that you're my parenting partner.

Our attempt to get the 5 of us didn't go so hot, but we tried.

Elizabeth's birthday dinner. (Love Norah in her birthday hat!)

Happy birthday Elizabeth! We love you!


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